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life is good, eh started out as a travel blog documenting my trips as I moved from Canada to the United Kingdom and set out to travel the world. Travel is not all that makes my life good so I’ve decided to expand the repertoire of (mis)adventures from not just travel, but to other things I love. Read on to find stories about cooking, introductions to whisky and other drinks, honest accounts of living with anxiety and other musings. 

Welcome to the tribe, hoser! 


Stories and misadventures from travelling the world 

A collection of stories and recipes about cooking, eating and drinking

Authentic and honest stories about caring for mental health 

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An Amateur Approach to Cooking

I don’t really know what I’m doing, but here we are. No, that’s not the title of my sex tape, but it could definitely be the title of my cooking show. The show would then proceed to be an hour of me saying “hmm, I wonder if that will work” and “needs more butter”. Recipes are less of rules, and more “guidelines” when I’m cooking. Except for baking or things…

And, we’re back

So, err, let’s try this again, shall we? If I compared myself now to myself who started this blog five years ago, I suppose an apt title for this post could have actually been “Under New Management”. Like a restaurant undergoing the same change, I’m back with optimism and a new menu with some of the old classics. I’ve decided to branch out a bit into other aspects of my…

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