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life is good, eh started out as a travel blog documenting my trips as I moved from Canada to the United Kingdom and set out to travel the world. Travel is not all that makes my life good so I've decided to expand the repertoire of (mis)adventures from not just travel, but to other things I love. Read on to find stories about cooking, introductions to whisky and other drinks, honest accounts of living with anxiety and other musings. 

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Stories and misadventures from travelling the world 

A collection of stories and recipes about cooking, eating and drinking

Authentic and honest stories about caring for mental health 

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10 reasons people with anxiety will survive the apocalypse

Let me start with this. Anxiety isn’t fun. For me, personally, it’s relatively mild compared to most people. It still affects my work, my relationships and my life in general on a regular basis. However, I’ve gotten better and better at dealing and coming to terms with it. Frankly one of the ways I cope is to try and look at the bright side wherever I can. In a time…

A beginner’s guide to Whisk(e)y

You see it in glass decanters and crystal glasses on shows like Mad Men, The Crown and in Harvey Spector’s office on Suits. Whisky is everywhere, and often a symbol of high class, powerful people. It doesn’t have to be. Ever since my grandfather first introduced me to a whisky when I was a teenager, I’ve learned a lot about it. I by no means profess to be an expert,…

An adventure in songwriting; take one

As Keith Richards put it, songwriting is a weird game. Coming from someone who has been a rockstar through the ’60s and ’70s, I’m sure he could write a book on weird games and with this one, he’s certainly right. I’ve played the guitar for nearly fifteen years and I have a pretty substantial repertoire of songs I can confidently cover. What always eluded me was an original song that…

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