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In whiskey heaven

“There’s an open bottle on the tableAnd an empty bottle on the floorLast night I thought I’d diedAnd I went to Whiskey Heaven” – Whiskey Heaven by Fats Domino Ex-pats who are friends tend to have excellent if not random stories as to how they know each other. In this particular case, I met Mike through another friend because they had met at a music festival where he used an…

A beginner’s guide to Whisk(e)y

You see it in glass decanters and crystal glasses on shows like Mad Men, The Crown and in Harvey Spector’s office on Suits. Whisky is everywhere, and often a symbol of high class, powerful people. It doesn’t have to be. Ever since my grandfather first introduced me to a whisky when I was a teenager, I’ve learned a lot about it. I by no means profess to be an expert,…

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