Mercado da Ribeira – Market style dining hall with a great selection of Portuguese and other European foods. Food is relatively budget friendly and is great for sharing.

Food&Booze – This little restaurant hidden amongst the bars and cafes of Bairro Alto features a delicious selection of traditional Portuguese food and wines that is easily affordable.


Lost Inn Lisbon – Beautiful community oriented hostel, newly renovated and features an included sangria tasting each night.

Hidden Treasures

Rooftop lounge bar call “Park”. The bar is actually located on the top level of a parking garage and is not an easy one to find. Follow the directions to the garage and take the stairs all the way up to the top. Drinks are fairly reasonable and the music is great.

Caparica Coast – Most tourists in Lisbon seeking the beach will head to Cascais, which results in crowded beaches, difficult surfing and a largely tourist crowd. Just across the bay to the south is Caparica which has beautiful beaches, excellent surf and is where the locals tend to hang out. Check out the restaurant A Merendeira in the town itself for a delicious oven baked Chorizo sandwich and the accompanying homemade soup.

Sintra – Quinta da Regaleira – While the Pinta Palace is well worth the visit, while in Sintra check out this gem full of gardens to explore including a 9 story spiral staircase underground that has been known to be used for Masonic Initiation rites.


For those not into the tourist tours with the earphones and set itineraries, check out this company We Hate Tourism Tours. The company is run by a bunch of locals that offer a variety of day trips to small groups with flexible schedules that show you Lisbon and the surrounding area through the eyes of those who live there. The surf tour includes a  lesson from a local school, and a guided jaunt of some of the hidden gems along the Caparica Coast.