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good or bad, you have mental health and it's important to acknowledge it's there. Anxiety, depression and other mental health issues are rising each year across the world. A great deal of people are still suffering in silence and don't feel like they can speak out about it. This may be due to stigma, fear of what people might think or even just a lack of feeling worthy enough to do so. 

Let's change that. 

Let's talk about mental health and make it okay to do so. We'll be sharing our own person stories and experiences and welcome you to do the same, whether you'd like to contribute a post or just want to reach out to us to have a chat. 

Latest Posts

The complicated relationship between music and mental health

All it takes is a quick look around a concert venue to see that music connects deeply with people emotionally. People joyfully singing along. People smiling ear to ear with tears running down their face. Even just swaying side to side with their eyes closed and lost in the moment. When something connects with people so deeply at an emotional level, it shouldn’t be surprising that it’s intertwined with mental…

Books about mental health vol. 1

Two things have helped me manage my anxiety and depression above all else. Being honest about it with other people, and learning more about it. I’ve found certain books to help with that more than anything. Here’s five that I think might just help you too: Reasons to Stay Alive – Matt Haig This book will make you uncomfortable. The title itself brings forward the realities of struggling with suicide…

10 reasons people with anxiety will survive the apocalypse

Let me start with this. Anxiety isn’t fun. For me, personally, it’s relatively mild compared to most people. It still affects my work, my relationships and my life in general on a regular basis. However, I’ve gotten better and better at dealing and coming to terms with it. Frankly one of the ways I cope is to try and look at the bright side wherever I can. In a time…

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