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music is a personal adventure in discovery that gives people a means of deciding how involved they want to get. If you want to just listen and enjoy it, to dip your toe in and learn an instrument, or dive headlong in an learn to write and perform your own stuff, there's lots you can do.

I've always been an avid listener, became an amateur guitar player (while failing at several other instruments first) and am at most a novice songwriter. Here you'll find a collection of my own adventures in music and other stories mainly involving a guitar of some sort.

Latest Posts

The complicated relationship between music and mental health

All it takes is a quick look around a concert venue to see that music connects deeply with people emotionally. People joyfully singing along. People smiling ear to ear with tears running down their face. Even just swaying side to side with their eyes closed and lost in the moment. When something connects with people so deeply at an emotional level, it shouldn’t be surprising that it’s intertwined with mental…

An adventure in songwriting; take one

As Keith Richards put it, songwriting is a weird game. Coming from someone who has been a rockstar through the ’60s and ’70s, I’m sure he could write a book on weird games and with this one, he’s certainly right. I’ve played the guitar for nearly fifteen years and I have a pretty substantial repertoire of songs I can confidently cover. What always eluded me was an original song that…

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