Hidden Treasures

The Beach – Luckily, Nice is all beach. Be sure to know where on the coast you want to hit. Some “sections” of the beach will make you pay a fee to enter. This fee pays for lawn chairs, umbrellas and a nice walking carpet (because the beaches of Nice are rocky not sandy).

Old Town of Nice – Wake up and hop on the tram that runs all through the city. Get off around central Nice and walk on down towards the water. You’ll end up in the old part of Nice.  Take a seat at an outdoor cafe and order yourself a “Cafe au Lait.” While you sip your coffee, soak in the true French Riviera vibes.

Wayne’s Bar – For those fellow “Wayne’s World” fans, this is the perfect place. If you enjoy small intimate bars where dancing on tables is encouraged – this is the place for you. On the weekends there is awesome karaoke nights.

Day Trips

Monaco – The best way to get to Monaco would be to hop on a bus or tour of some kind. This country is a sight to see and is a short 40 minute drive from Nice. Since Monaco is technically a separate country, be sure to bring your passport. Monte Carlo is where the rich of the world like to come and play. It’s quite a sight to see. There are countless yachts, and flashy cars. Don’t be surprised to see ferraris, and lambos lined up behind each other on the street — it’s not a car show…people own those things! Monte Carlo is incredibly beautiful. Make it up to the plateau so you can look down onto the gorgeous city. Check out the well-known Casino Royale while you’re there too!