The Ever-growing List

Here’s a not so well kept secret about me. I’m a huge nerd. I’m an engineer, so that should go without saying, but it’s true. Therefore it’s time to drop some nerd knowledge on y’all. Newton’s third law of physics states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The way I see it, travelling obeys these laws as well. The list you see below is my list of actions. These are planned events that I can control. The importance of these actions are the reactions they cause. These “opposite” reactions are the root of why people travel, and the memories you keep. They are the people you meet in the hostel, the locals you buy your dinner from and they are the sunrise over the mountain top that blows your mind. Ironically, this list began in the back of my 11th grade chemistry notebook and will continue to grow.

Mountain bike in Moab, Utah

Travel to Australia

Visit Budapest, Hungary

Backpack through Southeast Asia

Hike to Macchu Picchu

Visit Victoria Falls

Climb Mt Kilimanjaro

Hike Plitvice Falls

Travel to Kathmandu, Nepal

Visit house in Edinburgh where my great grandfather grew up

Write a travel article that gets published

Pay my respects at Juno Beach, Vimy Ridge and Flander’s Fields

See the Canadian Men’s Hockey Team win gold live

Travel to Japan

Visit South Africa

Roadtrip to a music festival

See the Pyramids in person

Swim in Lake Bled

Visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Travel to Iceland

Travel to Istanbul, Turkey

Visit Dubai

Live in Western Canada

Visit all 13 Provinces and Territories

Travel to Florence, Italy

Finish a Marathon

Design my own house

Explore Petra in Jordan

Get my P. Eng

Build a house with Habitat for Humanity in Canada

Build a house with Habitat for Humanity in a European country

Build a house with Habitat for Humanity in a South American country

Build a house with Habitat for Humanity in an Asian country

Build a house with Habitat for Humanity in an African country

Ride a bike along the great wall of China

Climb Alp D’Huez in France

Witness the finish of the Tour De France

Live in at least one other country

Visit the Isle of Skye in Scotland

Travel to Patagonia

See Angel Falls in Venezuela

Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef

See the Northern Lights

Roadtrip from Coast to Coast of Canada

St. Paddy’s day in Dublin

Oktoberfest in Munich

Visit the Greek Islands

Sail week in Croatia

Bonnaroo, Coachella, Lollapalooza, Governor’s Ball, Glastonbury, Sziget, Tomorrowland, Rock in Rio

See Coldplay live in London

See U2 live in Ireland

Visit Porto, Lagos and Lisbon

Visit Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville

Attend a major football match at Camp Nou, Barcelona

Attend a major football match in England

Hike the Swiss Alps

Visit the Macallan distillery

Mountain bike Death Road, Bolivia


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