Day 1 – Glasgow

Day 1 – Glasgow. As i write this, im sitting in a pub listening to drunk scotsmen bicker, enjoying a pint and wondering why more canadian bars haven’t adopted the cafe-style pub. Beer beats coffee any day. Glasgow itself is a beautiful city, as the above picture of central station would indicate. Also i’ve been issued a daily photo challenge by the lovely melanie ulch, so each day i will be posting a picture related to some sort of theme. Today’s was easy, just a picture of some cool architecture.

Perhaps one of the coolest things i have stumbled upon so far was an exhibit at the glasgow museum of modern art (it was free, for those of you saying, who are you and why did you go there). The exhibit was basically a bunch of craft materials, and anyone visiting could add their contribution. I saw some canadian flags, some cool quotes and of course someone had just written HI! In big block letters on the way in.

This city is really cool because it combines old architecture with some really modern buildings without taking away from the history. The people are friendly enough, especially the ones drinking beer at the pub.

On the docket for tomorrow: travelling to edinburgh for the day to find the address my grandfathers father was born in, and, for tomorrow’s photo challenge, find a beautiful park bench. Hopefully im up to both challenges.


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