Day 10/11/12 – Amsterdam/Karlsruhe

Jonny status update – whereabouts briefly unknown, current location known.

My piece of advice for the day, if you are going to do a pubcrawl in Amsterdam, don’t do it the night before you have to travel all day. The result is Jonny and I getting separated and lost during the pub crawl, and being in absolute shambles trying to find our way to another country.

Arriving in Germany, we were greeted at the train station by our lovely friend Mareen. We were greeted at home by her friend Tommy and Johanna, who had prepared possibly the best meal of the trip so far. We were hungover, exhausted and miserable, and within 15 minutes were just ecstatic. Tommy and Johanna provided us with an adventure in drinks after dinner, which resulted in a lot of cultural stories discussing similarities and differences between the two countries. There’s certainly something to be said for being the first Canadians someone meets. Especially when those two Canadians are myself and Jonny.

This morning we ventured into town to have a traditional Bavarian breakfast of white sausage, pretzel and a Wheat beer. It was excellent hangover food. Leave it to the Bavarians to know their way around hangover food.

The rest of the day was spent exploring Karlsruhe and then making a train trip to a small town called Ettlingen, which was a spectacular little tourist town with beautiful buildings and churches to explore.

Tonight Jonny and I are cooking for our friends, before a night out and off to Prague in the morning!



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