Day 13/14 – Prague

Jonny status update – whereabouts known

Yesterday I learned three things, that seem obvious but you don’t really understand fully until you experience it firsthand. The first is that having friends all over the world is truly an amazing privilege. Staying with Mareen and friends in Germany was such a cool experience because we can truly be apart of the culture and basically have your own personal tour guides. The same was true with Ben and Sinead in London. Seeing a city with someone who lives there is a completely different way to do it. Of course with the promise that if our friends come to Canada, we will do the same for them.

The second thing I learned is that not just Prague, but the whole of the Czech Republic is stunningly beautiful. We took a bus from Germany to Prague, and spent the entire bus ride staring out the window in a trance. I think the main reason I find it so beautiful is that at home, landscapes are often full of buildings that look like they don’t belong because they are so new. Here, the buildings have been there so long that they have become part of the landscape itself. Prague itself is spectacular, because it was never bombed during the war. The original parts of the Prague castle were built before 1000 A.D, and much of that architecture still remains. It is definitely one of my favourite cities so far.

The final thing I learned is that Aussies and Canadians combined will almost certainly guarantee a good time. Last night Jonny and i went to a pub where there are taps at the table, and each table in the bar competes against eachother to see who can drink the most. We had us, two Aussies and an American, and let’s just say, we did alright.

The hostel we are in here is really cool, every night the hostel cooks and serves a family style meal, which is a really good way to meet people. We met the aforementioned Aussies because one of them didn’t have a beer and I had an extra one. Amazing how many friends you can make with what we now call a “friend beer”.

Tomorrow morning we are off to Barcelona to meet up with a ton of friends and to enjoy hopefully some relaxing days on the beach!



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