Day 15/16/17 – Barcelona

Jonny status update – temporarily AWOL, later found eating cheese at home.

Not to make any of you jealous or anything, but this particular blog is being written from a balcony overlooking a Spanish side street while I sip beer and enjoy delicious cheese, tomatoes and chorizo. Life is good.

Barcelona has been incredible. The first day here we were quite weary from our travels from Prague, so of course we spent the whole day touring the city and then met up with Chris, Alex, Talia and friends and did the typical night out in the city. This meant dinner around 10, drinking at the bar until 2 and then heading to a night club and partying until the sun came up. I can’t say i’d adopt that lifestyle permanently, but it is pretty awesome for a couple of days.

The city itself is spectacular, with so many things to do. Yesterday Jonny and I toured the Picasso Museum, which I wouldn’t exactly say is my “schtick” but it was cool to learn about the history of Picasso in the city.

We also toured the Barcelona Cathedral, which from a purely “wow someone built this without a crane or powertools” perspective, was incredible.

Today was another action packed adventure, I went for a morning run along the beach, which is absolutely stunning. I met up with Alex and Chris and we did a Fat Tire bike tour throughout the city while Jonny went off on some architecture adventures. The tour was great, we saw the Sangrada Familia, which has been being built for over 100 years and is supposedly half done. It is expected to be finished by 2026, so I guess I will have to come back. Chris, Alex and I then adventured to the Barcelona Aquarium which is one of the best of the world. Ever a lot of nemos, dorys and “fish are so weird”s, it was time for a siesta. And now here we are.

Tonight we are meeting up with 3 of our favourite stuchii’s, Adam, Ilan and Ryan, and celebrating the fact the Adam got into med school today! The rest of the trip will pretty much be spent with all 7 of us together, with a few days varying here or there. Should be fun! Tomorrow also marks the halfway point of the trip, which is sad but also means I still have another 2.5 weeks of travelling!



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