Day 18/19/20/21/22 – Barcelona/Nice

Jonny status update – finally washed his clothes, no longer mistaken for a hobo.

Not going to lie, didn’t really want to leave Barcelona. Our night out with Chris, Alex, Adam, Ryan and Ilan was awesome. We went to a bar called Opium on the beach, where cover charge was $20 but if you went online and got on the guest list early in the day, it was free. Adam was quite happy to tell the bouncers “these guys are with me”. The bar was expensive, but you could get a stamp where you could go out to the beach and relax and enjoy a cheap cerveza for €1 from one of the local beach bums, selling cold ones in cans.

The next day was spent with Chris and Alex relaxing on the beach in a sort of vegetative state. The beach is absolutely spectacular, the water was apparently cold to locals, but considering 3 weeks ago we all went jumping into Lake Ontario, we managed to go swimming.

That night Jonny and i hit the hay rather early because the next day we had to be up for 5:30 for our marathon train adventure to Nice.

The next day was spent, as mentioned, nearly entirely on a train. It took 5 trains and 14 hours, where along the way we ran into and subsequently lost 3 very confused Floridians who appeared to just be taking random trains to see where they would end up. Eventually we made our way to Nice.

So far i have to say my favourite part of travelling has been meeting the people. Jonny and I have made some good friends everywhere we’ve been. Canadians and Aussies in amsterdam, germans in germany (shocking), aussies in Prague, a dutch friend in Barcelona, and an aussie, a swede and an american in Nice. Everyone has cool stories, experiences and advice to help you along the way.

Nice in particular, there was a guitar in the common room, which I of course was drawn to immediately. This led to us meeting an Aussie named Todd who i jammed with for a while. The first full day in Nice we went on a walking tour with some of our new friends led by a Ukrainian girl named Katarina. We saw some churches and other architecture before hiking up the hill to the place where the above picture was taken with a stunning view of the city.

That night we partook in a pub crawl (spoilers guys, we ended up drunk). Along with a great group of people from our hostel we toured the nightlife of Nice, stopping to play random games along the way, ranging from Never have I ever (where of course we learned far too much about eachother) to a drunken game that involved sitting on the group in a line and passing people over us crowd surf style. After 5 pubs, one absolutely delicious kebab, and several hilarious stories, we headed home.

Yesterday Jonny and i decided that we didn’t quite feel broke enough, so we ventured to Monaco for the day to see how the high rollers live. Spoilers again, there were a lot of yachts. The Monaco grad prix is next weekend, so the world’s rich and famous have begun their pilgrimage to what i can only describe as the worlds biggest “i have more money then you” contest short of living in LA. Seeing all the boats, the casino and the race track was incredible. Walking down a street that in one week will have F1 cars racing through was pretty cool.

Last night we just hung out in the hostel with our friends, made a facetime call or two to girlfriends/family members and watched some movies. Nothing brings people together like the original American Pie movie.

Today we are off to Milan with freshly laundered clothes, and a pretty decent fear of getting lost seeing as we speak next to no Italian.



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