Day 2 – Glasgow/Edinburgh

Day 2 – Glasgow/Edinburgh
Well first off, the fun part about sharing a room with 7 other people is that chances are someone snores. In this case two people. So last nights sleep wasn’t great but hey, thats why its $20 a night. Given that i was already wide awake i decided to go for a run this morning which was great except holy crap am i out of shape. Not half as out of shape as the two people involved in the almost comedic police foot pursuit i witnessed this morning though. The pudgy man tried to rob a drug store and was chased by an equally pudgy police officer until a pedestrian held up the thief long enough for the officer to catch up.

Anyways the fun stuff, today i decided to travel to Edinburgh given that that is where my mom’s side of the family is from. Its about an hour long train fro Glasgow, and costs about 13 pounds roundtrip which is not too shabby.

First impression of Edinburgh was holy shit this city is beautiful. Unlike Glasgow it is nearly all old architecture. Stunning churches and castles, especially Edinburgh castle, highlight the skyline.

The original purpose of this day trip was to find the door pictured above. After an hour of walking, i found it. Albeit not the same building, that is the address at which my great grandfather was born over 100 years ago. So that was pretty cool.

After that i went exploring, covering most of the new town and almost all of the old town. In old town i stumbled upon the store called “Clans of Scotland” which, as the name would indicate, had information regarding various clans. I was able to find both the MacIntyre (mom) and Elliot (dad, and it was originally spelt with 1 t). I read a bit about the histories, and found out that our family mottos are “through hardship” for the macintyres and “strongly and truly” for the elliott’s which i think is pretty awesome. I bought a shotglass with the macintyre crest which will be used solely for pouring scotch, and cufflinks with the elliott crest, because i don’t have any, and why the hell not have some cufflinks with swords on them.

I also visited the University of Edinburgh, which has a beautiful campus, somewhat reminiscent of Queen’s but without the lake, and with a big park right in the middle.

I’m starting to get the hang of this travelling alone thing, and hopefully will be much better prepared when i arrive in Dublin tomorrow!


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