Day 23/24/25/26/27/28 – Milan/Florence

Can you say you’ve done the Oil Thigh at Piazza Michelangelo in Florence with Tanya Kim from eTalk, her producer and her cameraman with a bunch of friends? No? Well now we can.

I’ll back it up a bit first though. After Nice, Jonny and i travelled to Milan, which neither of us really knew what to expect from the city. We arrived at the hostel “Ostello Bello”, around 7 p.m. And were welcomed with a free beer and pasta buffet. Not gonna lie, it was love at first site. The hostel was incredible. 3rd floor terrace with a BBQ, hammock and an herb garden you can use to cook. We took full advantage of all of it.

The first full day in Milan we went out to see the sights. We toured the Duomo as well as the adjacent art museum partially because art is cool and partially because it was free if you are under 25. The rest of the day we toured the city and explored a castle with a stunning park.

The city itself doesn’t lend itself well to tourists, but for a two day visit we found enough to occupy our time. We made friends with a bunch of canadians in the hostel and spent the rest of our time wandering the city with them, or playing card games on the terrace. Before we knew it our time was up and it was off to Florence.

Arriving in Florence, Jonny and I did our typical wandering for an hour or so, getting lost and then finding the grocery store. After a light dinner we headed to the Duomo (the one in florence) to find our favourite stuchiis along with Alex and Chris who had also arrived that day. We spent the night catching up with eachother and exchanging stories in the Piazza, before an early night to bed. The second day was rather rainy, but we did a walking tour highlighting the renaissance life of Florence including Da Vinci, Dante and Galileo, all of whom i am extremely fascinated by. After a snoozy afternoon of waiting for the rain to let up, we finally saw the sun and decided to head up to the Piazza Michelangelo, which overlooks all of Florence. We sat and ate pizza and drank wine and enjoyed a beautiful sunset over the city. Eventually we saw a crew setting up cameras and discovered CNN was broadcasting because the Kim/Kanye wedding was to be the following day. So what did we do? Asked the reporter to take a selfie with us, naturally.

The next day Jonny, chris, alex and I headed to the beautiful Boboli Gardens to do some exploring. We discovered that the fortress in the gardens was to be the site of the wedding later that day.

Later that day we met up with the crew back at the Piazza Michelangelo with some wine and sandwiches from the best sandwich shop I have ever experienced. We learned that the boys had also learned of the location of the wedding and had snuck in to the area and took some pictures of celebrities arriving. We also discovered that like the night before, someone else was also broadcasting from the piazza. The canadian celebrity gossip show eTalk was taping for their monday night show. We of course also went over to them, and Ryan Sless showed them the pictures he had taken. They couldn’t believe the boys had gotten the pictures and were astounded because no other media had figured out where to take pictures. This led to a lot of discussion with the very nice producer, and eventually Ryan agreed to send her the pictures and if they use them he will be credited on the show. Pretty cool stuff. But then of course we took another selfie and it led to the aforementioned Oil Thigh.

Today Jonny and I are day tripping to Venice! Should be a grand ole time.



P.S. Congrats to Mom and all the dance dads for what I hear was a spectacular rendition of swan lake! Can’t wait to see the video.

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