Day 29/30/31/32/33/34/35 – Florence/Sorrento/Rome

Finally there are some pictures of me. I got real lazy with my blog, but hey, I’ve been having fun.

Anyways back to where I left off. The day after we had our Oil Thigh adventure in the piazza, Jonny and I took a day trip to Venice. I do have to say, the one thing i am so surprised about in Italy is how tacky the tourist areas are. More so then anywhere else I have been. We took a 2 hour train to the city, and spent the day basically getting lost amongst the canals, ate a pizza and then got lost again. It was fun to experience once, but definitely not on my list to go back to immediately.

The next day we headed to the galileo museum, which was by far the coolest museum i have seen on this trip. My inner engineer senses were certainly tingling. That afternoon we did a walking tour explaining the Medici family history of the city, and then relaxed back at the hostel.

Our last day in Florence was spent visiting the Santa Croce church, which was so cool. I am very interested in everything renaissance, so seeing the tombs of Galileo, Donatello, Dante and Michelangelo was incredibly cool. Definitely going to be re-reading the Dan Brown series when I am back in Canada.

The next day Jonny and I trekked to Naples on the train and took the sketchiest commuter train to Sorrento. Keep in mind that at night, the Naples commuter station is considered one of the most dangerous places in Europe. It wasn’t particularly stellar at lunch time either. After some gypsy dodging we arrived in beautiful Sorrento at our very cool hostel recommended to us by our Aussie friend from Nice. That night we explored nearby ports and then enjoyed some beers on the the rooftop terrace.

The next morning we met up with our favourite stuchiis and headed off to Pompeii for the day. The ruins themselves were quite cool, but the whole set up was so tacky. The picture above on the left was taken in the good ole community brothel. I mean I’m running low on money but I haven’t gotten that desperate yet. After Pompeii we headed back to meet chris and alex who had has some major train struggles heading to Sorrento from Como. We went for a swim at their hostel then enjoyed some more beer on the roof top terrace at our hostel.

The next day was possibly the best day of my trip. Myself and the stuchiis headed to the Amalfi coast to hike the Path of the Gods. The sights were incredible, something you just can’t explain to someone who hasnt been there. Pictures just don’t do it justice. We made it to Positano and relaxed on the beach, before heading back to Sorrento. Shocker, we drank on the terrace again.

The next day was our final travel day in Europe, off to Rome! Jonny and I arrived and checked into our final hostel and then met the group for a free walking tour which explored the Parthenon and ended at the Trevi fountain. Last night we went drinking and ran into one of our Aussie friends from Amsterdam. It was “challenge” night at the bar, which led to Jonny downing a pack of mayo, me doing a shot of absinth, sambuca, jager and tobasco (ew) and numerous other shenanigans.

Today in Rome, Jonny, Chris, Alex and I explored the spectacular ruins of the Roman Forum and Colosseum. The sheer magnitude of the engineering and construction was astounding, even in ruins. Pictures again do not do it justice. Tonight we are heading out for our last time before heading to the Vatican tomorrow!

As much as I am sad that this adventure is over, i am equally excited to begin the next one. The next and final post will likely be from either my terminal in heathrow catching my connecting flight, or from Canadian soil. So until next time, cheers, proost and salut!

Ryan and Jonny

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