Day 3 – Dublin

Day 3 – Dublin
Today was a travel day, between Glasgow and Dublin. The flight was just under 45 minutes, and I barely even had a chance to get comfortable before we were landing.

It was a rainy day in Dublin when I arrived, shocking, i know. I checked into the hostel and then went exploring. I must say, one of the things i’m most surprised about so far is the amount of north american chains that are here. Subway is extremely popular, and of course there is a McDonalds on nearly every block. My hostel here is much better then in Glasgow, filled with young people, even a couple of Canucks in my room. The hostel has a pub crawl every night, so that is likely where I’ll be heading tonight for my first real night out in Europe.

Only a couple more days until this blog gets real interesting. Meeting Jonny in Amsterdam on the 5th, where the shenanigans shall certainly increase.


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