Day 4 – Dublin

What do you get when you mix 4 canadians, an american, two irishmen and 6 pubs? One hell of a hangover, thats what. It also probably doesn’t help that for the last two days I’ve lived off a jar of peanut butter and a loaf of bread.

Last night was my first real night out in europe and it sure didn’t disappoint. Pubs here are filled with excellent beer and great live bands. It’s going to be awful hard to leave this place, but hey, there are more adventures to be had. Of course even in Dublin i met a guy from
Dunnville which is like half an hour from
Fonthill. But he was a canucks fan so we won’t get into that.

Dublin itself is a spectacular city, I love it. But also confusing, I went for a run through the pouring rain and got so lost. I found my way back home, absolutely drenched and very tired but it was a great experience. So far the thing i love most about travelling alone is having no obligations, no schedule and being about to go where interests me most whenever I want to.

Tonight is another night at the pubs, and then off to London to see Ben, Sinead, Aimee and Miles tomorrow morning!


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