Day 5 – Dublin/London

It is certainly a good thing that I only stayed in Dublin two nights. Not sure if I could’ve survived another one. I’m sitting at the airport in Dublin, being extremely thankful for the fact that 1. Bottled water was cheap and 2. I still have most of the money and all of the belongings i showed up to Dublin with.

Dublin bars are fantastic, and the people are so friendly. Last night involved several bars yet again, and well, a lot of Guinness. Which I apparently like now, who knew. Also the coasters here seem to be rather inspiring. Perhaps it’s why everyone is in such a good mood. The one I saw last night said “Now is the beat of the feet on the floor, now is the ‘then’ we were all waiting for, It’s the strike of the luck, it’s the go with the flow” Awfully inspiring shit for a piece of cardboard meant to keep the table from getting wrecked.

One of our friends at the hostel plays restaurants to make some money, and 3 of us showed up to check out his show. The place was very fancy, so of course we ordered the cheapest appetizers and watched our friend perform, which by the way was fantastic. I can’t say I’ve ever heard heart of gold sung with an Irish accent before, but it was pretty cool. Speaking of live music, one bar we were at also had a guy playing, and about halfway through a song, I’m singing along and I realize my friends are staring at me and asking me how the hell I know all the words. The song turned out to be old black rum by great big sea, which of course I’ve been listening to since before I knew what rum was. Pretty proud canadian moment right there.

Hopefully this weekend will provide some semblance and sight seeing in London before heading to Amsterdam to find Jonny, Chris, Alex and Caileigh for what will probably become known someday as “that one time in Amsterdam”.



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