Day 6 – London

Day 6 – London

Thank goodness I have family here to show me around, London is so big its overwhelming. There are so many different cool neighbourhoods, each with it’s own history and stories. Pictured above is Brixton Village, which was a large part of the punk rock scene, and is also home to Electric Avenue, which apart from having a catchy song about it, is also the first place in Europe to have electric lighting. Friday night Ben took me into the city and we walked around SoHo and had a couple of pints at various pubs. I absolutely love the old pubs in this city, every one has it’s own character.

Saturday Ben, Sinead, Aimee and Miles took me into the city to see Buckingham Palace before Sinead and Aimee went off to see a play. The thing about Buckingham Palace that surprised me the most was how the entire square is filled with gates and statues acknowledging the colonies. The Canada gate is spectacular.

Ben, Miles and I then headed down to see Big Ben and take some pictures before heading to Ben’s favourite part of the city, the Portobello Road Market. Every Saturday, Portobello road closes down and becomes home to all sorts of street vendors, selling anything from antique cameras to crepes. Miles enjoyed a crepe while we watched some live “Acoustic Hip Hop”

After an action packed day we headed home to rest a bit before heading to Brixton village with Sinead and Ben for dinner and a drink. We ate at this really cool Thai restaurant which was in the marketplace, which looks essentially like a lot of large storage lockers that open up and become restaurants, using a cool mishmash of furniture to provide tables for the many people who come to eat there. The food was absolutely delicious, and we headed to yet another cool pub before heading home.

I did manage to catch some hockey highlights. Don’t worry Aunt Shana, Toronto was surrendering 4 unanswered goals to Boston before it was cool.

Today should be another fun day of sightseeing before I catch my overnight ferry to Amsterdam to find Jonny, for what will certainly be the first of many times I do so this trip.



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