Day 7/8 – London/Amsterdam

What a whirlwind tour of London yesterday was. Pretty much experience every mode of transportation possible and saw some awesome sites.

We started out by taking the tube to Blackheath which is a giant open greenspace because, fun fact, during the plague it was a gigantic mass grave and no one is allowed to build there now. We walked through the park to the Greenwich observatory, which has the division between the eastern hemisphere and the west.

We headed to greenwich village for a bite to eat and then ventured through a tunnel that goes under the Thames.

This was followed by a really cool cablecar ride back over the Thames and a monorail ride to see the unbelievably cool tower bridge.

After a pint at a pub with Ben it was time to catch my train to the coast for the ferry to Holland. The ferry was basically a small cruise ship where i had my own berth to sleep and shower.

This morning I arrived in Amsterdam and found Jonny at the train station. We met Chris and Alex at the hostel and sat and told stories before going out to explore the city.

The overall feeling of this city is incredible. You can just feel the relaxed vibe everywhere, very few people are stressed out. The scenery is extremely relaxing, with beautiful canals mixed with cool architecture (see todays photo challenge).

After an awesome afternoon in the city, and enjoying delicious handmade cheese and bread by the canal, we decided to go back to the hostel to regroup before a wild night out tonight.

Happy birthday Becca! Hope its awesome



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