Day 9 – Amsterdam

Jonny status update – whereabouts known

Every hostel has that one asshole who snores all night. I’m lucky enough to be sharing a bed with that particular asshole in this hostel. At least I can hit him with a pillow and not feel bad about it.

Amsterdam is this incredible combination of beautiful architecture, and Niagara Falls type tourist traps. At night it certainly isn’t at all the stereotypical Amsterdam that you’d think, but you can also do that if it’s what floats your boat I suppose. There is also a whole other side of beautiful cafes and canals that we have been frequenting. Also, cheese shops that have free samples, so needless to say that has been lunch for the last two days. We all know Jonny’s feelings about cheese, especially when it is free.

Our hostel is so cool, last night we met a couple of canadians and aussies while making dinner, and proceeded to drink many bottles of wine with them while telling stories about…well i’d tell you if I could remember. We were going to do a pub crawl but ended up having way more fun with our new friends. Tonight may be the pub crawl instead.

As I write this, we are sitting in the bar of the hostel waiting for Caileigh to meet us before a day of adventures, likely including a few drinks, and some museums.



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