Day 1

From: Ryan Elliott, E.L. Crossley
Greetings from El Salvador. I would first like to take the chance to assure my worried mother that I am perfectly okay. I am in one piece, and the only part of me that is missing is a part of me that boarded the plane 2 days ago. I can honestly say that the things I have seen in the last 48 hours have changed the way I view things back home. I am still in withdrawl from my guitar, but it is becoming one of the few possesions I miss. I have learned the importance of people over objects. We have known eachother for around 4 months, but the bonds are becoming evident as we share one of our lives most important experiences together. I would like to cap off my first blog post by thanking every single person who helped us get here, it is the experience of a lifetime and we would not be here if it wasnยดt for all of you.

So until tomorrow, we are off to build, learn and experience everything we can

Austa La Vista (yes, that was for you Dad)

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