Day 2

From: Ryan Elliott, E.L. Crossley
It feels like I have said that a thousand times in the last 3 days, well, because I have. It is one of the few words I can remember off the top of my head, and it is an easy way to put a smile on a face you have never met. The communication is hard, but as we learned at the worksite today, it isn´t impossible. A quote that I believe in, and have for a while is from the book ¨The Last Lecture¨. ¨Brick walls aren´t there to get in our way, they are there so we can show how badly we want something¨. The language barrier is our own personal brick wall, and the whole team has used it to prove just how badly we want this trip, and how badly we want to give the family of 12 a house. On the worksite, the masons we work with do not speak English, but we have developed forms of either sign language or broken Spanish to find out what we need to do, or to simply tell someone they are doing a good job. Another thing I have learned, in a combination of the orphanage 2 days ago and the children around the worksite today and yesterday, is that it does not matter to a child what colour your skin is, what language you speak, or what clothes you are wearing. If you treat them well, they adore you. This is a value that I believe a lot of us lose as we get older. For once I have felt that I can learn from a child instead of teaching them something. So to end another somewhat self-realising post, I would just like to say to my family and friends that I miss you and I wish that everyone of you could be here with me.
Love, Ryan

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