Day 4

From: Ryan Elliott, E.L. Crossley
Good Afternoon to our regular readers,
Happy well, belated, Canada Day. I would type out about the day, but it seems Andrew Janet and Kayla have that covered. The day was different, but it amazes me how our team is able to adapt to new circumstances. I must say that I missed the traditional Harold Black Park Canada experience, but I really enjoyed my day yesterday. I will keep my post short today, because I don’t want to just restate everyone elses words. I can say that friendships are definatly formed, and growing. We all care for eachother, remind eachother to drink water when we are working hard, and just support eachother. Speaking of water, I never realised how important it is. Tomorrow we are being asked to drink about 8 litres. It seems like a lot, but how we work, it is necessary.

Too my friends and family, I miss every single one of you, and I absolutely love reading all your posts. I am feeling very good, and I am still enjoying every moment here. As much as I want to see you all, I wish this trip would go on forever, and I could just keep building houses. I will see you all in just over a week, and until then, I miss you, and I love you all!
Love, Ryan

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