Day 5

From: Ryan Elliott, E.L. Crossley
Hey everyone,
I cannot believe that it is already the 6th day we have been here. I try not to think about the fact that this means the trip is half over. I am still enjoying every second, and when Kevin and Mike told all of you that we would be changed people by the end of the trip, they weren’t kidding. I am still Ryan Elliott, but the Ryan Elliott that left a little under a week ago, has seen more in that time span, then most people do in a lifetime. I really wish that everytime I wanted something, and I didn’t get it, that I could take it back. The guilt that comes over me, while watching the children play with the bricks, or dig in the middle of the dirt road is austounding to me. I’m sure a lot of people think that this feeling won’t last, but the things I have seen, the people I have met, and the friendships I have made will stay with me forever. Don’t worry, I am not going to come home and sell all my stuff and live with nothing. I am just going to be far more appreciative of the things I do have. The thing that has become the most evident to me, is how much I take my friends and family for granted. I miss every single one of you, like you wouldn’t believe. I am also going to miss everyone I am sharing this experience with, because when you see somethings that we have seen together, you become friends really quickly. We are going away for the weekend, and I do not think there is Internet where we are going, so the next blog post will be Monday night. Be prepared for an action packed blog, but until then, goodnight.
I love and miss you all!

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